At Optimize EP, we provide solutions focusing on Cardiac Electrophysiology to help improve efficiencies and streamline your processes through CaRM, our proprietary software used for remote monitoring, reimbursement and billing processes.



Our product CaRM streamlines your EP practice and workflows by giving you a single platform for all of your remote monitoring and provides seamless integration into your billing system.

Our Team

Founder & CMO

Maninder Bedi

Our visionary and very busy EP Doc looking to make his life easier as well as fellow EPs

President & CEO

Ravi Kartan

The guy who helps Dr. Bedi realize his ideas by bringing together the right team who can build just about any thing he needs

Technical Advisor

Pankaj Mittal

If you want it, Pankaj can built it. The brains behind CaRM

Executive VP of Sales

Beyan Bonal

Connects the dots by understanding who in the industry needs what and making the necessary intoductions.

Implementation Manager

Nicole Michaux

Nicole uses CaRM everyday. She knows the ins and outs and will help you get started

Implementation Manager

Stacy Lyons

Stacy will make sure CaRM changes your life. She will help setup and configure your software


114 Brady Circle East
Steubenville, OH 43952